Since the beginning of the 20th Century, the Testa family started gathering the know-how of sheet metal processing: first, through the construction and transformation of carriages by hand, with vintage tools, in the workshop of grandfather Generoso Testa; then, with the creation of cabins for vans and bodyworks productions during the activity of his son Giuseppe in the historic factory located in via Puntarola, Avellino, known today as via Fratelli Troncone Aviatori, with the “Testa Giuseppe & Figli” firm.

As a natural generational prosecution, SIDERSTAMP is established in 1982 by Mr Giuseppe Testa and his sons. Today, it is a limited partnership between the Testa brothers located in the industrial area of Montefredane (Av).

It is a company in which work ethic and passion for new technologies mark the legacy of its long family history, full of metal scent and grease usually characterising real artisans’ workwear and hands.

These are the roots of Siderstamp and its know-how: long family tradition, constant and devoted professional growth and perennial acquisition of always evolving technologies.

Reference market

Siderstamp operates on the Italian market, where its production plant is located, and in Europe, especially in France, Czech Republic and Spain.

Siderstamp’s main market is the realization of metal components, in different thickness and dimension, for subsequent assembly in the automotive (interior and exterior structures for buses and other vehicles), rail (interior furniture and fenestration systems of train wagons) and aerospace (engine components) sectors and, in general, for interior structures concerning several uses (doors’ and windows’ frameworks, components and equipment for machine tools and electromedical machinery).


We shape metals to offer customers the optimal product according to their necessities, using advanced technologies and our own experience.

Il team

Generoso Testa

CEO Commercial Responsible


Roberto Testa

Production, Technical Department and Purchasing Responsible


Alessandro Testa

Internal Quality Control and Logistic Responsible.


Gabriella Testa

Administration Responsible.


Maria Angela Testa

Quality Management System Responsible.